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I’m Davina Godley, Esq., and I’ve been fighting for over 13 years for greater Phoenix, AZ residents for over a decade. I formed this boutique local law firm to work one-on-one with people just like you. Working with me means you get…


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The difference between me and the next attorney is the level of care I have for each and every individual I work with. I say individual because that is exactly who my clients are to me: individual stories, unique backgrounds, unique needs, and individual goals. I take pride in actively listening to my clients to ensure I have the best path for them. One size does not fit all in this industry, and I am happy to recognize the unique nature of each case. I cannot wait to work with you!

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Don’t work with a criminal defense attorney who caves under pressure. I’ve earned a reputation in the Phoenix, AZ area for my aggressive and ethical approach to criminal law.

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