Representing Yourself Is Risky

Relying on my criminal defense law firm in Phoenix, AZ is a safe bet

The prosecution is an intimidating opponent. Are you prepared to defend yourself against attacks on your character? Hire a criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and reputation.

I'm Davina Godley, the sole practitioner at the Law Office Of D. M. Godley Esq. PLLC. I represent Phoenix, AZ residents just like you who've been charged with traffic infractions, violent crimes and anything in between.

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I'll fight relentlessly for you

You can expect exceptional legal services from my criminal defense law firm. I'll be your dedicated attorney representing you at...

  • Initial appearance hearings, where release conditions are set
  • Proceedings involving restoration of rights, civil forfeiture of property related to drugs or civil or criminal traffic citations
  • Bond reduction hearings
  • Extradition or fugitive of justice hearings
  • Early termination of probation or probation violation hearings
  • Motions to designate misdemeanors
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