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We Fight For Your Rights!

We strive to protect the lives and liberties of the people we represent.

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Slip and Fall Injuries

Have you been injured because of a slip and fall accident? Contact Godley Law AZ to file your Premises Liability Claim.

By law, negligent individuals and corporations are held responsible when their mistake or carelessness leads to injury to a person. The law also applies to owners of private properties/businesses. There is an expectation that business owners will maintain a safe environment for those who visit their business or property. Failing to mark a wet floor or uneven pavement to caution passersby could lead to serious injuries. If you have sustained an injury caused by a slip and fall accident or another kind of premises liability scenario, our firm is ready to step in and protect your rights. 

When filing a premises liability claim, Godley Law AZ pays close attention to details and obtains are necessary information. We gather any evidence and file all the paperwork on your behalf. When dealing with insurance companies, Godley Law AZ will work hard to maximize your claim.

Slip and Fall cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. You do not pay a fee, if we do not win. Please contact Godley Law AZ for a free slip and fall consultation.

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