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March 2016 I had the stressful task of having to get representation for my daughter to fight possession, conspiracy and other charges. I reside in Ohio which made the situation even more frightening and confusing. Because I was so far away and had never even been to Arizona, trying to pick an attorney was very overwhelming.

I was referred to Davina Godley and from the first phone call, Attorney Godley conveyed compassion and a willingness to financially work with and for my daughter. Because I was thousands of miles away and Maricopa County Jail has only video visits, the piece of mind provided by Ms. Godley being able to physically see and communicate with daughter was invaluable, for myself and my daughter.

Attorney Godley was always very timely in responding to my questions and concerns. She was also outstandingly patient, considerate and knowledgeable in explaining the status of my daughter’s case. I’m sure I called her and asked the same question many times.

I am very pleased with Ms. Godley’s professionalism, support and performance in handling my daughter’s case. Motions were filed in a timely manner and my daughter had her lawyer beside her at every court appearance.

My daughter faced a young aggressive prosecutor and I appreciated Attorney Godley’s passionate and effective performance. She was not backing down and fought my daughter’s case and ultimately my daughter regained her freedom.

I would like to thank Attorney Davina Godley and I would highly recommend her law firm.


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